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ILOS – Universal Reader – UniRd

It is impossible to trace goods without identifying them using various technologies like RFID (low frequency, high frequency, ultra-high frequency), 1D a 2D bar codes, magnetic codes and similar. Each of these technologies has its advantages and disadvantages and it is intended for different approach for tracing goods. Each technology uses its own protocol what can make it difficult to integrate acquired data. To solve this problem, universal reader was developed. Universal reader integrates protocols used by different technologies what enables ILOS to utilize all these technologies and trace goods throughout whole production process. The advantage of using a universal reader is shown in the picture below.

As you can see in the picture, usage of universal reader enables ILOS to use different identification technologies to trace goods. Universal reader takes care about communication between ILOS and scanners and thus integrates communication protocols used by different scanners. Universal reader can be connected to up to three scanning devices (RFID, bar code, magnetic code…) on the one side and to Ethernet and thus to ILOS on other side.

Use of universal reader
Use of universal reader

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