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Mission of Integrated system for manufacturing and logistics /ILOS/ is to provide producers, transporters and users information about location and state of goods and carrier of goods in any time. It is designed to complexly solve diverse logistics problems.

ILOS tracks goods by using various means and methods of goods identification for example RFID, bar codes, QR codes and make information about state and location available to user. ILOS can take advantage of GPS technology to trace movement of transportation company’s vehicles. Produces is thus informed about state of supplies, transporters about location of vehicles and customers about state of order.

ILOS is primarily designed to solve logistics problems like:

  • tracing flow of goods in factory
  • tracing goods and it’s carrier when they enter or leave warehouse
  • tracing movement of goods in transportation
  • tracing return of carrier to producer
  • managing routing of vehicles in producers and customer area
  • tracing assembling complex product from simpler products
  • alarm non-standard situations
  • creating and generating graphical reports about state and flow of goods

This project is supported by Slovak Research and Development Agency on the basis of agreement no. VMSP-II-0036-09.

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